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It all began with two products, three employees, one packaging machine and just one customer. The Raymond-Hadley Corp.’s humble beginnings were born out of its interest in helping immigrants find the foods of their home lands in consumer ready sizes. Our first products, Phoebe dusting cornmeal and Veribest cake and pastry flour, are still staples of our business that has expanded to include premium baking mixes and some of the Gluten-Free industry’s leading products. We are proud of our humble beginnings and our rich history as a family-owned and operated business.


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History of the Raymond-Hadley Corporation - 1892-Present

The Raymond-Hadley Corp. has been in business for over 100 years and currently furnishes dry food products to several different ethnic groups, institutions, bakeries, distributors and wholesalers in addition to serving as a private label contract packer for retailers and specialty food companies.

phoebeladiesThe Raymond-Hadley Corp. (RHC) was founded in 1892 by Arthur B. Raymond and Francis E. Hadley. Raymond Maratea joined the business in 1965 gaining experience under then President, Mr. William P. Betz, who was 70 years old and had worked for the firm since he was 16 years of age. In the early years RHC made a name for itself selling vessel loads of flour and cornmeal throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and areas of North Africa. At that time, flour and cornmeal was packed in wooden barrels which were loaded onto ships using large nets.

When Raymond Maratea, the current owner, joined the company the industrialization of Europe had already taken place and Italy was producing the most efficient wheat and corn milling equipment in the world, as is still the case today. RHC had by then concentrated its efforts in the Caribbean and British Virgin Islands, Belize, and the northern tip of South America, along with the United States. Flour and cornmeal, previously packed in barrels, was then being packed in smaller cotton sacks.

In the Dutch Caribbean, cornmeal is called “funchi” and the RHC brand was named “Phoebe”. “Phoebe Funchi” remains a household word throughout the Caribbean. Empty cotton sacks with the imprinted logo were used to make shirts and skirts for sale to tourists visiting the islands. RHC was presented a picture of the “Phoebe Girls” wearing the cornmeal sacks as dresses alongside a boat with a sail also made from the sacks.

In 1972, The Raymond-Hadley Corp. was sold to one of its larger wheat flour customers. Raymond Maratea continued on in the new owners employ for a time, but was growing weary of the city life, so soon after resigned and left for the fresh air in the beautiful Finger Lakes area of upstate New York. RHC felt his absence and convinced him to sell for them again via phone with frequent travel to the metropolitan NYC area and islands of the Caribbean.

In 1977 RHC needed a contract packager so Raymond started a new business in partnership with his nephew, Joseph Maratea, which began with three employees, one packaging machine, and just two customers. The original packaging machine and initial customers are still active at RHC today. In 1981 Raymond-Hadley Corp. was offered for sale once again. This time Raymond convinced his brother, Gennaro M. Maratea, to invest in the purchase with him. In 1989 the packaging company and RHC were merged, continuing through today under the ownership of Raymond Maratea, his wife Lori and their two sons Jacinto and Gianni.

RHC continues today under the leadership of Raymond and Lori’s sons, Jacinto and Gianni who serve as CEO and CFO, respectively, and their nephew, Elliot P. Dutra, who joined the firm in 1996. Elliot greatly expanded RHC's focus by adding custom blending and packaging to the company’s ethnic foods lines. Elliot currently serves as President of Business Development sharing his knowledge and experience with many other family members and 80+ local employees.

RHC takes great pride in its history of helping other small businesses develop ethnic and niche market products, along with its growth and commitment to offer certified Gluten-Free products developed and produced in dedicated gluten-free manufacturing space.

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