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Packaging Capabilities

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The Raymond-Hadley Corp. has high efficiency ribbon, bin and plow machinery to produce the highest quality specialty private-label mixes. Our production lines are high volume, automated and maintained at the highest quality standards. While we’re able to produce high volumes we are more than able to manage order minimums well below those required by other companies operating similar equipment. We offer a wide range of production lines including those that produce stand-up and lay-down pouches, canisters, rigid containers, pre-made bags, bag-in-a-box, meal or dessert kits, and multiple fills into a single package. Packaging options are available from one serving size all the way up to food service and industrial quantities


  • Private label retail
  • Custom blending
  • Specialty mix formulation
  • Ingredient supply to processors
  • Sweet and savory applications
  • Custom Packaging Options:
  • Bulk packaging
  • Form/fill/seal pouches
  • Canisters, kits, rigid containers, pre-made bags
  • Bag-in-box, multiple fills into single packaging



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